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The Unique Difference Between Fresh Figs and Dried Figs You Never Knew!

What’s so unique about dried figs? The difference between Fresh Figs and Dried Figs Figs or Anjeer, the fruit of heaven is known to us for abundant health benefits. Today, let’stake a step ahead and talk about the dried version of this antioxidant rich juicy fruits.Unlike most fruits which grow on the branch, figs are the blossoms of tiny seeds that areproduced by the little flowers. Fresh figs are fully ripened during summertime while thedried versions are available to you throughout the year. It will be hard to find fresh figs inthe market post the nature’s clock of harvest. Worry not; Agroted brings you the bestquality of dried figs in the heart of Mumbai – without having to pluck them in the season.

Some might be of the opinion that dried figs have more calories than fresh ones per cup,which holds a lot of truth. But if you emphasize, a cup of fresh figs will contain lessnumber of figs as compared to dried ones and the former holds a lot of water/ moisture.So, we are even now! Dried figs possess similar to higher nutritional value if studied well. Eating a palm full of figs whether dried or fresh will provide you the same amount ofdietary fibre. Research has proven that dried figs contain more antioxidants and phenoliccompounds than the fresh ones as they are concentrated, leaving the moisture out.

Consuming half a cup of figs will give you enough calcium as that of a cup of milk. Bananas are known for their potassium levels but if you look closely, figs have morepotassium than bananas. Dried figs have pectin to help you lower cholesterol. They arealso low in sodium which makes them relaxing as well.

Now let me acknowledge the one query popping you mind – ‘Dried figs have more sugarthan fresh ones” Yes! A Lot of packaged dried figs – cooked and processed, are oftenwith added corn syrup or fructose. This brings down the nutritional profile and builds upthe unhealthy sugar content. However, with high quality assurance of Dry Fruits atAgroted for rescue, you can rest assured all our dried figs are sourced from the farm withadequate quality check – no added sugars to mask it!

Let’s start by consuming 3 – 4 dried figs regularly in your diet to add some crunch and nutrition to your meals. You can start shopping for them right here :

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