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The only D(ate)ing life you need! Deity Dates – The wholesome fruit!

Dates, the fruits of paradise as mentioned in the Islamic tradition are brown to blackish palm fruits originating from desert land. These are sumptuously consumed as a partial meal or a wholesome snack. The great Egyptian fossils are evidence that date palm dated back at least 50 million years.Quite recently dates, like other dryfruits have been misinterpreted for having too much sugar in them. However, if you are in for a little sweet tooth satisfaction with vast health benefits, what better choice than 3 dates a day! This thumb sized fruit is a complete mind– body savoring iftari & sehri favorite for eons now. Both fresh and dry dates have humongous benefits when consumed the right way, in moderation.Dates are a storehouse of energy, giving you instant glucose supply – hence consuming 2 dates in your first meal gives you the pickup your body needs. On the other hand, the fiber content present in dates keeps your constipation at bay while giving you a steady blood glucose. Antioxidants as we know provide several health benefits and help in reducing major disease symptoms. Fresh Dates have three major antioxidants namely, flavonoids, carotenoids and phenolic acids which respectively have potential chronic illness prevention properties. Studies suggest flavonoids help reduce inflammation and the risk of diabetes – another reason why a diabetic patient can go date the date without worrying about the sugars! Where walnuts boost your brain health, dates can prevent plaque formation in your brain. The plaque that accumulates in your brain due to amyloidbeta protein can disturb your brain cell communication causing serious damage that leads to Alzheimer’s disease. Dates, the almighty fruit can help you prevent this by reducing the amyloid beta protein activity.

Dates are what we can call the female friendly fruit as they help with easy labors and pain free periods, both! Eating dates on a regular interval in the last trimester promotes cervical dilation thus reducing labor time. Research proves that a women consuming dates go into labor significantly faster and easier than women who do not. This is because dates have compounds that bind with the oxytocin receptor and mimic the hormone. Oxytocin causes labor contractions during birth. Also, the sugars present in dates give adequate energy levels during labor. Apart from these complex roles, dates also promote bone health with abundant minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium,etc present in them.

Dates are extremely versatile when it comes to incorporate them in diet. Dates blend very well as a snack, baked goods, etc. You can combine dates with other dryfruits and make energy balls and healthy snacks. Their sticky property helps in binding giving you the liberty to exclude sugars. Traditionally, there are many sweets that are solely complete with dates as an ingredient. Imagine so many good things to give and you are still stuck at eating a fancy dessert that has nothing but calories to offer!

Well, better late than never. Agroted is here to help you get the best quality dates from farther land to your doorstep all across the country. By now you should be clicking on theshop button, do not hesitate – buy some goody good dates at exciting prices (wink – wink).

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