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Major Health Benefits of DryFruits with AgroTED India LLP

The ultimate powerhouse of energy and nutrients is none other than a palm full of right DryFruits and nuts.

Haven't we often been bogged by our granny or mom to chug a few raisins before weleave the house? Or your dietitian asking you to eat a handful of almonds as your midmeals? Unfortunately, these super foods are now underrated and most often found lyingin every delicacy like sprinkled confetti!

Our subconscious has forgotten the value of a spilt open yum walnut or a quick sugarrush from fresh dates. Instead, we pick on some processed food item to snack on andgive these yummies the name of bland and boring. In the fast-paced life of Mumbai, it’seasy to get a go-grab snack than to switch to a healthier option. We would rather orderfrom a fast-food joint than carry a small box of DryFruits! But when health is a priority,Agroted makes it easier to get you these super foods with a home delivery.

What are super foods and why are DryFruits termed super foods?

Super foods are eatable versions of avengers (or your favourite super heroes) withendless benefits and superior to any other food item, nutritionally. Even the smallestportion provides maximum nutrients in various forms. Super foods are speciallyprescribed to cure certain ailments, enhance immunity, reduce inflammation, add valueto your food and much more. DryFruits and nuts tick every aspect of these benefits andare thus termed as super foods. DryFruits are known to sharpen intellect in kids and thusthe joke, “Badam Khaya karo”!

Most DryFruits are rich in minerals, antioxidants, essential vitamins and importance traceelements. They are not only the best substitute for snacking but also a perfect mid-meal.A simple combination of Fresh dates and almonds gives you enough energy to work outfor an hour. Regular consumption of DryFruits increases athletic performance andstamina. Nuts are amazing source of protein and iron especially for vegetariansstruggling with low protein intake. DryFruits are also rich in calcium and help youmaintain your joint lubrication.

Walnuts and almonds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which aid to reduce cardiovascularinflammation while fresh dates aid in curing anaemia. Raisins give instant relief fromconstipation and promote eye health. Not only are these super foods rich in essentialnutrients but also provide appropriate amount of fibre for better digestion and improvedgut health.

Imagine so many benefits coming handy, affordable and at your doorstep? DryFruits atAgroted are neatly handpicked from the best source to give you the maximum reaps outof it. Invest in your health today; with sustainable premium good food and ditch theprocessed food life.

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