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Walnuts, the brain shaped little nut halves are one of its kind. These hard nuts are Persianby origin with a latter spread across Asia and Europe. While trade took over, the Spanishbrought these walnuts to the Californian land in 17th Century. These tan brown shellednuts are highly nutritious with a wide range of micronutrient availability.

One serving of walnuts (about 14 halves) give you about 185 calories coming from 2.5gmonounsaturated fats, 4.3g protein, 3.9g carbohydrates, 1.9g fiber and 0.7g sugars.

This profile adds up to 10% of our daily iron intake, about 14% magnesium value and 7%daily recommended folate. Needless to say, walnuts have abundance of Vitamins andMinerals. Walnuts are rich in good fats – i.e polyunsaturated fats- the heart friendly! Theyalso have a high profile of omega 3 fatty acids.

Research says consuming a good 2-4 walnut halves everyday can help build heart healthand reduce LDL (LOW DENSITY LIPID) which is “bad” cholesterol. Cardiovascular healthrequires a perfect artery function and to avoid plaque in your arteries, all you need is toadd these nuts to your daily diet intake. A 3 month regular walnuts consumption (inmoderation) can reduce the risk of CVD by 50%

Besides heart health, walnuts are also gut friendly. They help in enriching the good microbiome in the gut for a better digestive functioning. The omega 3 fatty acids present inwalnuts are driving force of the central nervous system No wonder why they are shapedlike a brain! These phytochemicals and fatty acids are potential building blocks of brainhealth and reduce oxidative stress by increased brain signaling. The Ellagic acid found inwalnuts also contributes in neuroprotection & memory function. And not just this, butthese amazing nuts are also mood lifters – so next time you feel low, ditch the ice creamand place an order for Agroted Walnuts!

Walnuts are best eaten as a mid snack or dessert toppings or salads, stir freis andveggies. Walnuts should generally be soaked overnight as the skin contains some antinutrients and enzyme inhibitors that reduce the absorption of essential nutrients.

Now that you know ten folds more about our power packed walnuts, we hope to see youswitch from a bag of chips to a handful of walnuts from Agroted while you binge Netflix!Do visit us for Home Delivery of Dry Fruits in Mumbai

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